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Religious Exploration

School year RE is here!

RE sessions are offered throughout the school year on Sundays during the 10:30am worship service. Sunday RE is open to members and non-members and is free of charge for visitors. For visitors, after three visits we request that you register your child for RE and pay a $5 background check fee per group. This goes to covering the cost of background checks for all our group leaders. 

The Nursery is staffed by Melissa Mosher weekly. Parents are asked to sign up to volunteer once per 2 months. When in the nursery, parents are asked to keep their attention on the children in the nursery to make sure their needs are met. If you wish to visit you may go across the hall to the Horace Mann room and your children can play while you visit. 

K-6th grade has adopted the Spirit Play model this fall. Spirit Play is an adaptation of Godly Play for Unitarian Universalists and is based on a Montessori model of exploration. This year our stories revolve around our 7 Principles or Promises. In Spirit Play there is a rainbow theme to our Principles. RED - Respect all people, ORANGE - Offer fair and kind treatment to all people, YELLOW - Yearn to accept and Learn about ourselves, others and the Mystery, GREEN - Grow by exploring what is true and right in life, BLUE - Believe in our ideas and Act on them, INDIGO - Insist on a Peaceful, Fair and Free world for all and VIOLET - Value our home, Earth, that we share with all living things.  

The stories and the dates told are:   

Flaming Chalice All 7 Promises Sept 11               Follow the Drinking Gourd Red Promise Jan 29
The Starfish Thrower Blue Promise Sept 18   My Princess Boy Red Promise Feb 12
I Have a Little Problem Orange Promise Oct 9   When Panda Was A Boy Orange Promise Feb 19
Pezzettino Green Promise Oct 16   Paperbag Princess Blue Promise Feb 26
Star Lesson Indigo Promise Oct 23   Bully Blocker's Club Indigo Promise Mar 12
Crow Boy Red Promise Oct 30   Turtle Tale Yellow Promise Mar 26
Small Fry Yellow Promise Nov 13   Stone Soup Indigo Promise April 9
The Tailor Violet Promise Nov 27   Seed in the Ground Green Promise April 23
Frederick Red Promise Dec 11   The Great Kapok Tree Violet Promise April 30
Beatrice's Goat Indigo Promise Jan 15   Circles of Hope Green Promise May 14
Wanda's Roses Blue Promise Jan 22        

Middle School RE is using the Popcorn Theology I curriculum. This curriculum takes movies from pop culture, shows a small piece of it and then uses it to jumpstart conversation about the weeks topic. It provides youth with a framework for discussion and teaches them how to look critically at media. 

High School Youth Group will be meeting every other Sunday. They are using a Tapestry of Faith curriculum entitled Exploring our Values through Poetry as well as a United Nations curriculum for December prior to the youth applications for UU-UNO being due. On the dates that they are not meeting, HS youth are encouraged to attend and particpate in service. They are meeting on Sept 4 & 18, Oct 2, 16 & 30, Nov 13 & 27 and Dec 11. 

Children's Chapel

The next Children's Chapel will be Oct. 2 The theme is Healing. 

 The kids will attend the regular service for the beginning as usual. They will leave as a group with one youth leading the way with a lighted candle to connect the chalice from the regular service to the chalice in the children's chapel service. Any youth that is interested in participating needs to let Jean Ryan know to discuss what they can do and when.  








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