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Our Fellowship Committees do the work of keeping UUFT moving forward...

Buildings & Grounds

Maintaining our building and grounds provides a positive presence in our community and provides the space to help meet our vision and misssion goals. 

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Lifespan Religious Exploration (LRE) Council

The purpose of  Lifespan Religious Exploration Council is to serve the Fellowship’s mission by supporting the effort by UUFT to offer vital and inviting options for religious exploration with emphasis on Unitarian Universalism’s seven Foundational Principles.

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Committee on Shared Ministries

Ministry, while typically focused on the minister of a fellowship or church, is really the responsibility of all members and friends of UUFT. A Committee on Shared Ministries' calling has changed over the years from being focused on the minister, to understanding and promoting the overall ministry of the organization and how the minister might best serve this. An overview of the new model is shared on the UUA website Committee on Ministry.  

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Communication & Publicity

The purpose of the Communications Committee is to help fulfill the Vision and Mission of UUFT by developing, managing, and facilitating methods and policies that support communication within the membership and the larger community.

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Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care/Caring Committee strives to provide loving care and support to UUFT's members and friends in life’s transitions. We support the minister in her/his pastoral care, visit homebound members, provide meals, services and support Memorial Services.

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Dinners for Adults

Monthly small group gatherings for good food, good conversation, good times.

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Senior High Youth Group

Senior High Youth Group (Grades 9-12)

High school youth have their own space in the youth house behind our main building where they gather to build community and friendships. The youth group engages in the life of the congregation, holds an annual Youth Conference, attends other Youth Conferences in our district, sends members to the Unitarian Universalist – United Nations Office and other conferences such as the Midwest Leadership School in Beloit, WI. Youth group members form life-long friendships and are guided by the community as they seek answers to some of life’s toughest questions and face the uncertainty of becoming a young adult. 

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Endowment Committee

FREE MONEY? Not exactly, but UUFT does have funds available for certain causes as the result of the generosity of former members, who endowed three funds for specific purposes: 1. UUFT Outreach & Service Fund of which one percent or approximately $1,200 per quarter may be used to, “further the Fellowship’s mission of supporting individual and collective service to the larger community.” 2. UUFT Unrestricted Reserve Fund of which one percent or approximately $860 per quarter, “. . . may be used for any purpose to further the work of the Fellowship . . . ”. 3. UUFT Religious Education Endowment of which one percent or approximately $560 per quarter, “may be used to support the Fellowship’s programming for the children and youth of the Fellowship--including financial support of paid staff . . .”.

If you have an idea or cause that you think might fit within the criteria of one of these three endowment funds, pick up an application located in the brochure holder near the east entry at the UUFT office or click the link below to print out a form.

Requests should be returned to the office by mail or by placing the application into Suzy Loy, Admin. mail cubby in the office.


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Finance Committee

The purpose of the Finance Committee is to fulfill the Vision and Mission of UUFT by monitoring the financial status of the Fellowship and to help maintain its sound condition by activities and recommendations to the Board.

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Sunday Services

On Sunday (10:30AM) we gather as community to hear and participate in services that hold us spiritually and intellectually and call us to action around our Principles. Themes will range from our UU tradition of social and religious change and how we are continuing it, to understanding our relationship to each other, our world and the universe. We like to laugh, and sing (most of us), and share. We strive to worship in a way that is open to the many ways of being religious in our congregation. Read More about what Sunday Services look like, and click on Sunday Services above right to see what the latest service is about!

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The Emerson Library of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Topeka (UUFT) is maintained to support the Fellowship’s minister, staff, board, committees and members of the Fellowship in fulfilling UUFT’s mission and meeting the seven principles of Unitarian Universalism. The library is here for the use and benefit of UUFT members and friends. The library focuses on subject areas of particular interest to Unitarian Universalists, including spirituality, philosophy, church history, and Unitarian and/or Universalist authors, writers and poets.

Sunday Worship Program Committee

The Worship Program Committee aids the minister in the creation of a worship calendar that reflects the fellowship's spiritual, intellectual and religious needs and they help organize and plan worship services when the minister is out of the pulpit. They work to include arts and music as a significant element in the religious community, and provide input to the minister regarding the congregation’s spiritual and intellectual needs and interests. 

Members learn about creating and conducting meaningful and fulfilling services, and work to use theirs and others talents in worship. 

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